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   This is my very first post here at Evrything New. To get started I'd like to mention that I do know how to spell 'everything'. Anyplace that I misspell it, was done purposely. :) Secondly, I'm excited to start blogging and hear some of your ideas. If you would like to leave comments, feel free to, or you can e-mail me at EvrythingNew@hotmail.ca, with any ideas,feedback,questions ect...pretty much anything really! Finally, I'm still looking for new ideas, and I would love your help. To make this site grow, i want to incorporate everyone's suggestions. If you what me to discuss or dig up some gossip on your favorite topic, please let me know, any  topics are welcome at Evrything New. Take a look at the different tabs, let me know what you think of my starter topics and I can add more untill every page is filled. Thank you for your support!


    I'm very outgoing, I love to make new friends and I love to write. I'm currently in the middle of wiriting a book and I love to ride rollarcoasters!


    December 2010
    September 2010