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The Vampire Diaries, my personal fav.

I've always love the Vampire Diaries and I especially loved the books. The TV series however sort of went off in their own direction and has nothing to do with the storylin in the books. We're into season three now and things are really heating up, I'll post more soon and try to avoid spoilers for anyone who doesn't want to...well...spoil it.

What I like to call, The Vampire Craze.

  This page is for all of you Vampire Wannabes out there, me included.  :)   Lately, Vampires have been the talk, from TV shows,to movies, to hit book series'. Please answer my poll at the bottom of the page as to what vampire related topics you want me to discuss most and post pictures,gossip,and spoilers about. Or you can contact me at EvrythingNew@hotmail.ca.      Thanks!

Twilight...what's your opinion on it?

    I remember the twilight books from before they were famous and I was never all that into them until the movies came out. Do you know anyone who read the books before the movie came out? All I know is that it really took off after Twilight hit the theatres. Part 1 of Breaking Dawn is coming to theatres I believe on November 18, 2011.